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Year 5 Beech and Year 5 Elm Classes

Welcome to Year 5 Beech and Elm class page. We are taught by Miss Jenny Castle and Miss Ashleigh Martin. Please take a look at what we have been doing this term!
We are still waiting for a large number of Kingswood deposits and permission letters to come back into school - please return these ASAP!

Our current class text is "Who Let the Gods out?" by Maz Evans. 


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During this term, Year 5 are focussing on the following topics:

Maths: Our current Maths topic is Decimals. This includes work on identifying and rounding decimals to 3 decimal places, converting between decimals and fractions, and incorporating percentages. 


Below are some of the methods we have been using in class: 

English: Our English work is currently all based around Ancient Greeks, including various Greek myths and fables. 

The children will be focussing on a variety of reading and writing tasks relating to the topic, including:

  • Identifying common features of Myths and Legends.
  • Writing from the perspective of a character in the form of a first-person narrative.
  • Writing instructions for travelling through the minotaur's maze.
  • Reading and comparing Aesop's fables.
  • Writing their own modern myths.
  • Re-writing a well-known myth as a script. 
  • Debate and discussion writing related to Ancient Greek slavery. 
  • Writing and reporting a news article about the Olympics. 


Topic: Our current topic in Year 5 is Ancient Greece. In this topic, we will be focussing on:

  • Timelines and pottery in Ancient Greece, including designing and creating Greek clay pots.
  • Look at different sources and ascertaining if they are reliable, relevant and rich.
  • Ancient Greek religion and beliefs.
  • Ancient Greek empire, including a focus on Alexander the Great.
  • Ancient Greek trade, home-life and food, including prepping and serving a Greek salad.
  • The Olympics.
  • Ancient Greek slavery and democracy. 

Important dates:


  • 2nd May - Year 5 Mosque trip
  • 8th May - Year 5 Elm Class Assembly
  • 22nd May - Year 5/6 Boys and Girls Cricket at Dinting Cricket Club
  • 19th June - Year 5/6 Quad Kids at Hadfield School Site

Year 5 also hosted our very own handbells concert for parents on Friday 9th February. The children had an opportunity to perform for visiting adults, as well as showing them the fantastic work we have been doing in class, and (most importantly) sharing a snack and a drink.

The children behaved beautifully and our audience loved their performances! 

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If you would like to test your own or your child's knowledge on basic skills in both Maths and English, have a look at the below links: