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Year 4 Maple and Year 4 Rowan Classes

Welcome to Year 4 Maple and Rowan classes page. We are taught by Mr Stephen Andrews and Miss Alex Barr!

This term we are looking at LOTS of exciting things!


Our topic continues to be 'The Incredible Egyptians' - the children have gone back in time to learn about everything from life and death to how the Egyptians kept clean and fed themselves. They've also been learning about pyramids, Pharaohs and the Egyptian creation story.


We now have lots of ICT provision in school and so we will be focusing upon our E-safety and programming units in more detail.


Maths and English are as important as ever!

Maths has been very hands on this term and children have been focusing upon place value, times tables, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and learning lots of methods in between to ensure they become masters in maths!

English has a real focus upon grammar, spelling and punctuation and this is taught each day in discrete grammar sessions, as well as during guided reading. We then teach the rest of the English curriculum through our text, topic or theme which at the moment is poetry linked to the World Wars! We have been reading Flanders Field, Dulce Et and have also been studying and creating our own cinquains - ask your child what these are!


Our PE focuses will be swimming and games. The children have shown real determination and their skills have developed and we are really proud of them :)


Music will take the form of brass lessons this year and the children are making good progress under Mr. Lloyd's expert tuition!


We still have lots to do and lots of exciting learning opportunities ahead. All of the teachers are on board, and we're ready to help. Children are loving Class Dojo and their learning so far - let's keep it up year 4!

Class dojo is now live!

Please see the newsletter sent out one 8th September 2017 for more information.

Teachers will be using this fun, visual and interactive behaviour tool to engage and reward pupils for making the right decisions and trying their best in school. Upon meeting targets or working hard, dojo's will be given, which can then be redeemed for real prizes within school! Pretty cool if you ask us!


Parents can log in from home to see how their children are getting on - children have now been sent home with their log ins and passwords so that parents can link with their children and teachers to see how their children are getting on!


Please take the time to get to know class dojo and what it is about as the children are super excited about it (so are we!) and we think you will be hearing a lot about it this year!


Children have the option in year 4 to walk home if their parents allow them to.

Please let Mr Andrews and Miss Barr know if you would like your child(ren) to walk home on their own at the end of the day.


You are still more than welcome to collect your child should you choose to.


If we have no confirmation that you child is now able to walk home, we will be unable to release them without a call home.