Gamesley primary school

Year 3 Holly and Year 3 Hazel Classes

Welcome Year 3 Holly and Hazel Classes. The adults helping you in your classroom this year are: Mrs Malik, Mr Andrews, Mrs Roscoe, Miss Shorthose and Mrs Westmerland.


We are all enjoying our current topic about the tropical rainforests and have learnt so much already.We know the rainforests are located in the tropics and can describe the layers. Animal Intuition recently visited and Andrew brought along some of his very unusual pets. Following his visit, we have written amazing reports about rainforest animals. Please follow the link below to view some of Andrew's pets.


After the February half term holiday we shall be finding out about:

  • light and shadows
  • rainforest tribes
  • why the rainforests are under threat  and
  • how we can help to save the rainforests                                







Raising money for Rajpura Village School in India

Parents evenings are coming up in the next few weeks but please feel free to drop into school to talk about your child's learning after school.