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School Dinners

School Dinners

School dinners offer great value at £2.00 each day; £10.00 each week. Cash or cheques made payable to DCC should be sent into school each Monday in a sealed envelope labelled with your child's name and class.  Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are all entitled to a free cooked meal and many of our older children are also entitled to Free School Meals – just pop into the office for a form.

We are happy for children to change from cooked dinners to sandwiches each week but unfortunately are unable to accommodate children changing within a given week, even if they do not pay for their meals.  

If you do decide that you would prefer to provide your child with a packed lunch from home, please follow our guidelines. Packed lunches should contain plenty of fruit and vegetables, some filling starchy foods such as sandwiches or pasta, some protein such as meat, fish, quorn, beans or eggs and some dairy such as a yoghurt. One high fat/sugar item each day is fine such as a small bag of crisps or a biscuit but please do not pack sweets or fizzy drinks

Our school meals are freshly cooked each day in our own kitchen. The children book their meals each day choosing from a “red” meat or fish option, a green” vegetarian option or a “yellow” filled jacket potato option. Puddings are served every day including a choice of fresh fruit or organic yoghurt. Vegetables, salad and bread are always offered too, plus a range of drinks.

The PDF below is an overview of the meals on offer in Summer Term 5 2017, Summer Term 6 2017 and Autumn Term 1 2017. We’ve included details of the potato fillings each day so you can help your child to choose their meal before they come to school.

And for more information click on this link which includes lots more information about the food on offer in school.


Spring Summer Menu 2017

Guidance on free school meals