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Reception and Year 1: Acorns, Catkins and Conkers Classes

smileyWhy do squirrels hide their nuts?frown


Into the woods we go! Why do squirrels hide their nuts? Why do hedgehogs hibernate? It’s time to explore the seasonal changes in the natural world during autumn and winter.

This half term, we have already visited Lyme Park to observe and experience the enchanting autumnal environment, collecting autumn treasures as we crunch through piles of fallen leaves. Back in the classroom, we are sorting our treasures into different categories, creating land art, and dry and flatten leaves to decorate. We’ll learn about woodland animals and migration through movement and discuss the features that allow animals to survive through winter. In our literacy lessons, we’ll snuggle up and listen to autumnal stories and write woodland tales. In mathematics, we’ll thread and count conkers and dried fruit and collect and order sticks of different lengths. We’ll roll up our sleeves to make a salt dough hedgehog, autumn-scented play dough, a delicious harvest soup and ‘squirrel muffins’ for our forest friends.

Outside once more, we’ll observe the weather and how the weather changes the environment around us.


To support your child's learning at home you could go on a nature walk and looks for signs of autumn and winter. You could research woodland animals to make a fact file and sort woodland animals into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Remember you can share your learning at home through our class dojo app, which will allow us to share it with the whole class.