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Summer Term

This term we are looking at things that grow.

We will be going on lots of nature walks and enjoying the warmer weather by doing lots of outdoor activities.

We have started off by collecting some tadpoles and we will be watching how they change over time.

We have also purchased some caterpillars from Insect Lore and we will be watching them change into butterflies! This is an amazing experience for the children to watch first hand and we will be creating lots of learning opportunities linked to what we see. I have added a link at the bottom of the page to the website if you are interested in purchasing your own caterpillars to watch at home.

We have also added to our growing pet collection and have recently adopted a hamster! The children are fantastic at looking after our pet tortoise Yuri and our new pet hamster (who has not yet got a name). The children are learning how important it is to care for living things and are proving to be very caring and kind when looking after the animals and each other. Well done Catkins and Acorns.


Dates for the Summer Term

Infant and EYFS Disco

Friday 21st July 2017














Make sure you visit our class page regularly as we will be adding activities, games and stories that link to what we have been learning in school; so you can continue to learn and have fun at home!



Look at the links below for fun games and learning activities to do at home-

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