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Reception Acorn and Reception Catkin Classes

Welcome to Reception Catkin and Reception Acorns Class Page

We are taught by Miss Amiee Bamford and Miss Lilly Selwood.


The staff in the EYFS department will always be at the door at 8.40, ready to welcome your children into school. We encourage independence from day 1 so we ask parents to try and leave their children at the door with the staff. Parents are very welcome to ring school at anytime to check how their child is doing.



The Early Years department is split into four different areas. We have Catkins classroom, Acorns classroom, the Outdoor classroom and the Garden area. The children starting school in September are extremely lucky to be the first children to play with our new sand pit and water tray and in our beautiful new garden area! Although the children have a named class they will have the opportunity to use all the areas of the department throughout the day.


In EYFS we learn through play and our teaching and learning comes from following the children's interests.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning through stories and nursery rhymes and we are going to continue this theme into the second half term.

We will enjoy lots of different books and use these stories to explore, create and be imaginative. We would love to hear what the favourite stories are in your house so that we can include these into our planning.


During the first half term we will also be assessing the children based on the Development Matters Statements. We will use these assessments to inform our planning so that we know what we need to teach the children. If you would like to look at these statements please click on the link below.


We have an open door policy so if you have any questions about anything please come and see us! After school is always a better time for a longer discussion. We will be holding regular drop-ins throughout the year so look out for these!


Please check our class page regularly as we will add links to useful websites and videos so that you can continue learning with your child at home. We will also add photographs to show you about the exciting things we are doing at school.

World Book Day 

In Reception, the author we are focusing on is Eric Carle.  We will be reading his stories and making props to wear on our dress up day. 

Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me - Eric Carle

In Acorns and Catkins classes, we are reading stories by Eric Carle to celebrate World Book Day. To fit in with our space exploration, we will be focusing on this particular story this week. Here is a video of the story being read aloud.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week. Taken from The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories collection. Based on Eric Carle's picture book.

In Acorns and Catkins classes, we have been thoroughly enjoying exploring different places!  So far, we have been on journeys to the Arctic, the jungle and the mountains.  We have shared lots of stories, done some brilliant writing and found out lots of facts.  In our Maths lessons, we have been learning about addition, subtraction, sharing and time.   

Acorns and Catkins - Exploring in the Spring Term

Next term, our topic will be exploring.  The children in Acorns and Catkins will become explorers and find out about different parts of the world by engaging with stories and activities.  We will focus on areas such as space, the desert, the rainforest and cities.  
The children have been inspired by the icy weather this week and made an igloo in our outdoor classroom.  As they have been so intrigued by the ice and the cold weather, we have decided that the first place we would like to explore in the Spring term is the Arctic.  If parents/carers would like to help prepare children for our learning, there are some ideas listed below. 
- Visit the local library and look at appropriate books together 
- Watch videos/tv programmes showing the Arctic 
- Discuss and look at pictures of animals in the Arctic 
- Take advantage of any icy, snowy weather over the Christmas holidays! 


Stories that we will be enjoying in the Spring term-

Snow Bear By Piers Harper

Boogie Bear By David Walliams

Animal Boogie By Debbie Harter

Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne

You Choose in Space by Pippa Goodhart

Whatever Next By Jill Murphy

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea by Jessica Law

Mr Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham


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How to care for Yuri

Still image for this video
Catkins and Acorns created a video explaining how to look after Yuri the tortoise.

Fun in Catkins and Acorns

Fun in Catkins and Acorns 1
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 2
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 3
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 4
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 5
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 6
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 7
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 8
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 9
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 10
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 11
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 12
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 13
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 14
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 15
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 16
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 17
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 18
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 19
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 20
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 21
Fun in Catkins and Acorns 22

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt For a quarter of a century, readers have been swishy-swashying and splash-sploshing through the award-winning favourite picture book We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury In this video, Michael Rosen performs the book - why not sing along with your copy at home!