Gamesley primary school

Meet the Team

Picture 1 Mrs Deborah Meredith: Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Caroline Crane: Deputy Head, Y5/6 Leader
Picture 3 Miss Lydia Regan: Year 6 Ash Class Teacher
Picture 4 Miss Sarah Kuczaj: Year 6 Oak Class Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Sue Leech: Year 5 Elm Class Teacher
Picture 6 Miss Jenny Castle: Year 5 Beech Class Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Cath Priestley: Y5/6 HLTA
Picture 8 Mrs Tammy Snape: Upper Key Stage 2 TA
Picture 9 Miss Amy Bamford: Upper Key Stage 2 TA
Picture 10 Mrs Michelle Roberts: Upper Key Stage 2 TA
Picture 11 Mrs Louise Amesbury: Upper Key Stage 2 TA
Picture 12 Miss Bethan Owen: Year 4 Rowan Class Teacher
Picture 13 Miss Grace Lowther: Year 4 Maple Class Teacher
Picture 14 Mr Stephen Andrews: Year 3 Hazel Class Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs Lyn Malik: AHT, Y3 Holly Class, Y3/4 Leader
Picture 16 Mrs Katy Clubb: Y3/4 HLTA
Picture 17 Mrs Dawn Stevenson: Lower KS2 TA
Picture 18 Miss Emily Heard: Lower KS2 TA
Picture 19 Mrs Norma Westmerland: Lower KS2 TA
Picture 20 Mrs Michelle Roscoe: Lower KS2 TA
Picture 21 Miss Nicola Shorthose: Lower Key Stage 2 TA
Picture 22 Miss Emma Brown: AHT, Y2 Willow Class, Y1/2 Leader
Picture 23 Mrs Becca Bridges: Year 2 Cherry Class Teacher
Picture 24 Miss Perri Donnelly: Year 1 Hawthorn Class Teacher
Picture 25 Miss Charlotte Hathaway: Y1 Birch Class Teacher
Picture 26 Mrs Karen Barton: Key Stage 1 HLTA
Picture 27 Mrs Tracey Delaney: Key Stage 1 TA
Picture 28 Mrs Chris Ledwich: Key Stage 1 TA
Picture 29 Mrs Ann Billing: Key Stage 1 TA
Picture 30 Mrs Tracy McCaskie: Key Stage 1 TA
Picture 31 Mrs Emma Kidd: Key Stage 1 TA
Picture 32 Mrs Helen Robson: Key Stage 1 TA
Picture 33 Miss Kerry Parkin: Key Stage 1 TA
Picture 34 Miss Rachael Vincent: EYFS Leader, Catkin Class
Picture 35 Mr James Sidebottom: EYFS Acorn Class Teacher
Picture 36 Miss Marie Williamson: EYFS HLTA
Picture 37 Miss Sian Warburton: EYFS TA
Picture 38 Mrs Kirsty Taylor: EYFS TA
Picture 39 Mrs Carolyn Waude: EYFS TA
Picture 40 Mrs Liz Hill: Special Educational Needs Leader
Picture 41 Mrs Maggie Goley: Specialist SEN Teacher
Picture 42 Miss Dawn Shields: Outdoor Environment Assistant
Picture 43 Mrs Andrea McEwan: School Business Manager
Picture 44 Mrs Bernadette Thirlwell: Senior Admin Assistant
Picture 45 Mrs Rachel Higginbottom: Admin Assistant
Picture 46 Miss Helena Worrall: Admin Assistant
Picture 47 Mr Adrian Foster: IT Technician
Picture 48 Miss Katie Rochford: Wrap Around Care Play Leader
Picture 49 Mr Dave Payne: Site Manager
Picture 50 The Cleaning Team
Picture 51 The Kitchen Team
Picture 52 Our Midday Supervisors
Picture 53 Our Midday Supervisors
Picture 54 Our Midday Supervisors
Picture 55 Our Midday Supervisors