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At Gamesley Primary School we know how important it is that children learn about places and people from all around the world in order to gain an understanding of the rich and varied world we live in.  We want our children to understand that difference is something to be celebrated and that learning about other people and the countries they live in is an exciting thing to do.  It is vital that we prepare our children to live in a diverse and multi-cultural community. 


We received the full accreditation of the International School Award in the summer of 2015. This amazing achievement recognised the whole school's work on several international projects, three with our partner schools abroad.  The latter are: ADDLS Sunshine School in Jamshedpur, India; Escuela Primaria 'Los Notros' in El Chaltén, Argentina; CC Sta Maria La Nueva y San José Artesano in Burgos, Spain.  We worked on collaborative projects that enabled children to learn about eachother’s cultures, languages, traditions and everyday lives.  The children learnt so much from these partnerships which provided a genuine and real purpose for developing their language skills.  Our Year 6 pupils made pen-friends in Argentina whom they wrote to in Spanish! 


Our international work continues...

In February 2016 fourteen members of staff travelled to Spain, funded by a grant from Erasmus+, the joint agency of the European Union and the British Council. Teachers attended language lessons everyday and spent two full days in schools teaching English via a language immersion programme. This project has had a significant impact on our school by enabling us to make more lasting links and helping teachers to understand how a foreign language needs to be drip-fed across the curriculum for it to become embedded.