Gamesley primary school

Gamesley School PFA (Parents and Friends Association)

The first PFA meeting was held on Friday 10th October and was very successful. The committee has now been elected and the positions agreed are:

Chair ~ Debbie Lees

Secretary ~ Charlotte Harridance

Treasurer ~ Kelly Shaw

The PFA is run by parents and family members, not by school staff, and is a great opportunity to get to know other parents and friends and to get involved in the life of the school.

The Parents and Friends Association have asked me to pass on their thanks to everyone who supported the Christmas Fair on Friday 5th December with donations, running stalls, overall planning and simply turning up and spending your money on the night!

Particular thanks go to “Morgans” and to Debbie Lees at “Travel Counsellors”; each of whom donated £100 towards the Fair.

Altogether we raised close to £1000 – a brilliant total for the Gamesley School PFA’s first fundraising event.

Some of the money raised has already been spent on making Christmas special for your children. The PFA are supporting Christmas Dinner day by buying table decorations, crackers and little presents for every child. Father Christmas will be visiting the school next week and the PFA have helped him to buy a book for every child.

The next meeting is on Friday 16th January at 2.00pm at the school. Everyone is welcome. And if you are not a “meetings person” but would like to help at events such as the disco next week, do give Charlotte Harridance a call on  07752 728903.

Minutes of recent meetings are attached below.